Lumar LeBlanc

Lumar onstage at Tipitina's in 2012, photo by Marc Pagani.

Lumar onstage at Tipitina’s in 2012, photo by Marc Pagani.

Snare drummer Lumar LeBlanc is the leader of the Soul Rebels Brass Band.  Lumar attended St. Augustine High School, where he became section leader in one of New Orleans’ premier high school marching bands. His high school musicianship earned Lumar a scholarship to Texas Southern University in Houston.

Upon his return to New Orleans, Lumar worked his way into the brass band scene, initially joining the Young Olympia Brass Band. While playing with the Young Olympia, Lumar and other young musicians began introducing modern repertoire during rehearsals, and eventually they pursued this direction as the Soul Rebels.

Lumar helped push the Soul Rebels away from neighborhood parades and towards the stage and studio. Along with Derrick Moss, Lumar’s drumming can move the Soul Rebels a great distance away from traditional parade rhythms, bringing them closer to hip-hop and R&B.

Tuba_WatchWatch Lumar and Derrick play a “straight beat” that is more of a rock beat than a traditional marching band rhythm.

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